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Examination of Witnesses

Examination in chief This is the questioning of a witness by a party who calls him/her as a witness. It is also known as direct…

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Opening and Closing Statements

Op1. Opening Statements Opening statements are generally fairly short and focus on the key facts that you will present. You deliver an opening statement in…

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Legal Strategy
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Legal Strategy

Having a legal strategy helps you to present your case in the best and most efficient manner. It also helps you to anticipate and counter defences. Further, it ensures that you present all the evidence required by the close of your case.

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Case Analysis

It is important to undertake a thorough analysis of your case once you make a decision to charge. Case analysis helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Further, it allows you to gauge how to best apply the evidence you have to ensure a fair trial.

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Interrogation of Suspects

Introduction Suspects are a valuable source of information in criminal investigations, hence the need to interrogate them. Interrogation is the systematic questioning of a person…

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Witness Statement
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Recording a Witness Statement

A witness statement is a document made by or taken from a person containing details of the knowledge that person has of an incident.

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Interviewing Witnesses

Investigative interviewing is the questioning of witnesses to obtain complete, accurate and reliable information.

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Featured Publication, April 2022

This book takes a field-based approach to investigation. Section 1 introduces criminal investigation and gives an overview of the subject.

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Preliminary Investigation
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Preliminary Investigation

During the preliminary investigation, if the investigator has reasonable grounds, he may go ahead and search without a warrant.

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Criminal Investigation
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Featured Publication, March 2022

This book contains pertinent information on criminal investigations. Target audience are students studying criminal investigation.

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