Amhara National Regional State Executive Organs Re-Establishment and Determination of their Powers and Duties Proclamation

176/2010| Enacted 2010| Devolved Unit| Principal Legislation| Procedural Law

Criminal Code of Ethiopia

414/2004| Enacted 2004| National Legislation| Principal Legislation| Criminal Law

Development, Conservation and Utilisation of Wildlife Proclamation

541/2007| Enacted 2007| National Legislation| Principal Legislation| Environmental Law

Disclosure and Registration of Assets Proclamation

668/2010| Enacted 2010| National Legislation| Principal Legislation| Criminal Law

Establishment of the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Proclamation

433/2005| Enacted 2005| National Legislation| Principal Legislation| Anti-Corruption Law

Federal Courts Proclamation

25/1996|  Enacted 1996| National Legislation| Principal Legislation| Procedural Law

Forest Proclamation of Oromia Region

72/2003| Enacted 2003| Devolved Unit| Principal Legislation| Environmental Law

Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Proclamation

780/2013|Enacted 2013| National Legislation| Principal Legislation| Anti-Money Laundering Law

Proclamation of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

1/1995| Enacted 1995| National Legislation| Constitution| Constitutional Law

Special Procedure and Rules of Evidence on Anti-Corruption Proclamation

434/2005| Enacted 2005| National Legislation| Principal Legislation| Anti-Corruption Law

Wildlife Development and Conservation Authority Proclamation

575/2008| Enacted 2008| National Legislation| Principal Legislation| Environmental Law

Wildlife Development, Conservation and Utilisation Proclamation

168/2008| Enacted 2008| National Legislation| Subsidiary Legislation| Environmental Law