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History of Punishment
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Featured Publication, July 2020

This book gives the reader a history and background of punishment from the context of the United States of America, China and Saudi Arabia.

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Crime in China
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Featured Publication, February 2020

THE ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE IN CHINA: UNDERSTANDING THE DISTRIBUTION MARKETS, Rebecca Wing Yee Wong (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) Overview Published in 2019, this book is a…

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Combating Wildlife Trafficking
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Featured Publication, January 2020


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International Law
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Featured Publication, December 2019

LYSTER’S INTERNATIONAL WILDLIFE LAW, Michael Bowman, Peter Davies and Catherine Redgwell (2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press, 2010) Overview The second edition of Lyster’s International Wildlife…

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Featured Publication, October 2019

KILLING FOR PROFIT: EXPOSING THE ILLEGAL RHINO HORN TRADE, Julian Rademeyer (Zebra Press, 2012) Rhino horn is worth more than cocaine, heroin or even gold…

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Featured Publication, September 2019

ILLEGAL TRADE IN WILDLIFE, Horace O. Williams and Viktor T. Grante (Nova Science, 2009) Global trade in illegal wildlife is a growing illicit economy.  It…

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Featured Publication, August 2019

The Extinction Market explores the causes, means, and consequences of poaching and wildlife trafficking, with a view to finding ways of suppressing them.

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Featured Publication, June 2019

This report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the work INTERPOL has done against global wildlife crime, including operational, tactical and analytical activities undertaken in cooperation with our 194 member countries and strategic partners.

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Featured Publication, May 2019

Unprecedented levels of poaching of elephants, rhinos and other high value charismatic species across Africa is severely threatening the future of these species and the ecosystems they inhabit. As poaching groups increase in size, number and sophistication, it is more important than ever that law enforcement responses in protected areas are robust, reliable, and effective.

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Featured Publication, April 2019

This publication evaluates the role of property rights in wildlife management and the laws in place for the protection of biodiversity and the rights impacting on management activities.  The paper argues that private property rights and current wildlife conservation and management laws and policies in Kenya fail to provide the solution to wildlife biodiversity erosion partly because of their preoccupation with a monolithic system of property  ownership favouring the state and individuals and neglecting communities and/or groups.

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