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The Role of the Prosecutor in Wildlife Crime Cases

¤ An Administrator of Justice Administration of justice is the protection of individuals from the unjust and/or unlawful deeds of others. As an administrator of…

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Court Evidence
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Presentation of Evidence in Court

Court Decorum All jurisdictions have procedures and rules on how one should conduct his/herself in court. However, you can adhere to the following general rules:…

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Rules of Admissibility of Evidence

Introduction Rules of evidence have been created in criminal law to protect the accused person by ensuring that the evidence is dependable, credible and trustworthy…

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Types of Evidence

Introduction The Law of Evidence is a system of rules for the presentation of evidence in court during a trial. You can define evidence as…

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Penalties in Botswana’s Wildlife Legislation

Penalties under the Wildlife Conservation and National Parks Act and subsidiary legislation involve a  combination of fines and imprisonment.  The Act also provides for administrative penalties including forfeiture, destruction of instrumentalities of crime and cancellation of permits.

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Use of Other Laws to Strengthen Wildlife Crime Prosecutions

Wildlife law enforcement is inherently trans-disciplinary and the enforcers need to consult and have an understanding of other related disciplines and the laws which regulate them. 

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