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Witness Statement
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Recording a Witness Statement

A witness statement is a document made by or taken from a person containing details of the knowledge that person has of an incident.

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Interviewing Witnesses

Investigative interviewing is the questioning of witnesses to obtain complete, accurate and reliable information.

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Preliminary Investigation
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Preliminary Investigation

During the preliminary investigation, if the investigator has reasonable grounds, he may go ahead and search without a warrant.

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Corruption as a Catalyst to Wildlife Crime

What is Corruption? Corruption can mean different things to different people. It is the practice of obtaining power, influence, money or other personal gains through…

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Types of Punishment
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Types of Punishment

Types of punishment that may be imposed include capital punishment, imprisonment, judicial corporal punishment, fines, compensation, forfeiture and confiscation, costs, security to keep the peace, security for good behaviour, suspended sentences, discharges, probation, community service and revocation of rights.

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Bail and Bond Regimes
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Conditions for Bail

Introduction Courts have discretionary powers when granting or refusing bail.  They may impose conditions on the accused person in addition to the bail amount. Such…

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Bail and Bond Regimes
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Bail and Bond Regimes

Bail is an agreement between court and the accused person for his/her temporary release from custody pending trial. The accused person is required to make a deposit of either cash or assets as security to attend trial. If the accused person fails to attend court, the bail can be forfeited and the accused person returned to custody.

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Canine Evidence
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Admissibility of Canine Evidence in Wildlife Crime Cases

Introduction Canine evidence is an important subject because law enforcement agencies are increasingly using working dogs in wildlife law enforcement.  Law enforcement agencies use dogs…

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Converting Intelligence into Evidence

Points of Departure between Intelligence and Evidence Intelligence and evidence are very closely related.  They sometimes overlap. However, there are some points of departure between…

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Featured Publication, October 2019

KILLING FOR PROFIT: EXPOSING THE ILLEGAL RHINO HORN TRADE, Julian Rademeyer (Zebra Press, 2012) Rhino horn is worth more than cocaine, heroin or even gold…

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