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Featured Publication, April 2019

This publication evaluates the role of property rights in wildlife management and the laws in place for the protection of biodiversity and the rights impacting on management activities.  The paper argues that private property rights and current wildlife conservation and management laws and policies in Kenya fail to provide the solution to wildlife biodiversity erosion partly because of their preoccupation with a monolithic system of property  ownership favouring the state and individuals and neglecting communities and/or groups.

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Wildlife Crime
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Wildlife Policies in Uganda

Various policy documents in Uganda touch on conservation of wildlife. These include the Draft National Environment Management Policy, the National Forest Policy and the National…

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Wildlife Policies in Tanzania

Wildlife conservation in Tanzania is governed by a number of policy documents, which include the National Environmental Policy of 1997, the Wildlife Policy of Tanzania,…

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Wildlife Policies in South Africa

South Africa’s wildlife conservation is guided by a number of policies and strategies including the White Paper on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of South Africa’s Biological Diversity of 1997, the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan of 2005, the National Biodiversity Framework of 2008 and the National Protected Area Expansion Strategy also of 2008, among others.

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Ideal Contents of a Wildlife Policy

A policy is a set of principles, rules and guidelines formulated or adopted by to reach a long-term goal. Policies are designed to influence and determine all major decisions and actions regarding the specific aspect which the policy intends to address.  All activities must take place within the boundaries set by the policy.

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Featured Publication, July 2018

NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE IN KENYA, Kariuki Muigua, Didi Wamukoya and Francis Kariuki, Glennwood Publishers, Nairobi: Kenya (2015) This book was published in 2015.  It examines…

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