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Criminal Investigation

INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, Michael Birzer and Cliff Roberson, Eds (CRC Press, 2018)

Criminal InvestigationOverview

This book contains pertinent information on carrying out criminal investigations professionally. Target audience are students taking a first course in criminal investigation. The book also targets professionals who need to refresh themselves on the subject. The Book is divided into 6 main sections, with each section addressing different themes in criminal investigation.

Section I is on foundations and has two chapters. Chapter 1 gives a brief history of criminal investigation and Chapter 2 introduces learners to criminal investigations. Section II is loo ks at preliminary considerations when undertaking criminal investigations. This Section has 5 chapters that address technical aspects of criminal investigations such as crime scene searches and report writing. This section also addresses interview and interrogation, evidence and the role of forensic science.

Section III delves into property crimes and financial investigations. This section looks at property crimes such as vandalism, larceny and burglary and auto theft. It then discusses arson and financial investigations. Section IV is on crimes against persons. Topics addressed include homicide, assault, sex crimes and robbery.

Section V takes a deeper look into specialized investigations. Special investigations discussed include narcotic investigation, cybercrime and gang investigation. Section VI, the last section of the book, addresses the tail end of investigations. It explains legal issues in criminal investigations and discusses preparing the case for court.

About the Editors

Michael Birzer, EdD, is a professor of criminal justice and director of the School of Community Affairs at Wichita State University. His research interests include police behavior , the intersection of race and police contacts and qualitative research methods.

Cliff Roberson, LLM, PhD, is a professor emeritus at Washburn University and academic chair, Graduate School of Criminal Justice at Kaplan University. He is also the managing editor of Police Practices and Research, an international journal. He has written numerous texts and articles on criminal justice. Further, he has over 30 years’ experience in academia as a professor, dean, and associate vice president.

You can preview the book here and purchase a copy of the book here.

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