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CURBING CORRUPTION: TOWARDS A MODEL FOR BUILDING NATIONAL INTEGRITY, Rick Stapenhurst and Sahr John Kpundeh, Eds (World Bank Publications, 1999)


AnticorruptionThis book takes a deep dive into the phenomenon of corruption and its causes and remedies.  The book has three main parts. Part I is on lessons of experience and explores successful cases of good governance and anticorruption strategies that work. Part II delves into developing an anti-corruption strategy. It discusses reforms to curb corruption, elements of a successful anticorruption strategy and enhancing ethics in the public sector, among other topics. Part III gives practical examples by exploring the fight against corruption in Tanzania, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

About the Editors

Dr. Rick Stapenhurst is an Assistant Professor at McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies and a Professeur Associe at University Laval. He has written extensively on issues related to anti-corruption and parliamentary strengthening. Sahr Kpundeh is the World Bank country manager for Zambia. Kpundeh has authored more than 20 articles on governance and anti-corruption and has edited several books, on curbing corruption.

You can read the book here.

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