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Environmental Governance

THE ROLE OF THE JUDICIARY IN ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE: COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVES, Louis J Kotzé and Alexander R. Paterson, Eds (Kluwer Law International B.V., 2009)


This book investigates the environmental legal frameworks, court structures and relevant jurisprudence of 19 countries.  This includes 6 countries in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Eritrea).  It explores the major environmental challenges and principal environmental laws in each of the countries.  The book then goes further to examine the court system and explore judicial and non-judicial forms of environmental dispute resolution.  Thereafter, it analyses significant environmental judgments highlighting issues such: application of common law principles; locus standi; suits against government agencies; Environmental Impact Assessment; public trust; and various environmental rights.   In conclusion, the book examines challenges facing the judiciary in environmental governance.

This book is an important resource for environmental law scholars and practitioners.  This is because it distills comparative trends, new development and best practices in environmental governance.

Environmental GovernanceAbout the Editors

Louis J. Kotzé

Louis J. Kotzé is a Research Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, North-West University, South Africa.  He also teaches in the post-graduate LLM programme in Environmental Law and Governance at the North-West University. Further, he is Visiting Professor of Environmental Law at the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom. His research focuses on the Anthropocene, environmental constitutionalism, human rights, and global environmental governance. He has published over 100 publications on these themes.

Alexander Paterson

Alexander Paterson is a professor of law in IMEL and convenes its postgraduate programmes on Environmental Law and Marine & Environmental Law. He joined the Institute Law in 2004 and holds a BSocSci LLB LLM (Environmental Law) PhD from the University of Cape Town. Prior to joining the Institute he practised as an environmental attorney at Winstanley Smith and Cullinan Inc.  He also practiced as an environmental consultant with EnAct International. He has also worked in the NGO sector monitoring the progression of environmental legislation through Parliament. Alexander serves on the board of various regional and national institutions.  He is assistant editor of the South African Journal of Environmental Law.

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