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Bail and Bond Regimes
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Conditions for Bail

Introduction Courts have discretionary powers when granting or refusing bail.  They may impose conditions on the accused person in addition to the bail amount. Such…

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Bail and Bond Regimes
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Bail and Bond Regimes

Bail is an agreement between court and the accused person for his/her temporary release from custody pending trial. The accused person is required to make a deposit of either cash or assets as security to attend trial. If the accused person fails to attend court, the bail can be forfeited and the accused person returned to custody.

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Crime in China
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Featured Publication, February 2020

THE ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE IN CHINA: UNDERSTANDING THE DISTRIBUTION MARKETS, Rebecca Wing Yee Wong (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) Overview Published in 2019, this book is a…

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Motions and Special Applications

Pre-Trial Motions During an investigation or before the trial commences, the prosecutor may make several applications or motions in court.  The defense may also make…

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