Month: June 2019

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International Legal Regime on Wildlife Law Enforcement

For purposes of wildlife law enforcement, African states are parties to various international agreements including CITES which regulates trade in wildlife and wildlife products, UNCTOC which seeks to curb transnational organized crimes and the UNCAC which addresses corruption in law enforcement. 

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Nature and Prevalence of Wildlife Crime

Wildlife crime threatens species survival as illegal killing/off-take is not selective in terms of age or sex of the animal being killed or captured. 

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Featured Publication, June 2019

This report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the work INTERPOL has done against global wildlife crime, including operational, tactical and analytical activities undertaken in cooperation with our 194 member countries and strategic partners.

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Penalties in Tanzania Wildlife Legislation

Tanzanian law provides for various kinds of penalties that can be meted out. These include death, imprisonment, corporal punishment, fines, forfeiture, compensation and giving security to keep the peace.

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