News Feature, 5th January 2019

3 Chinese Arrested in Nairobi in Illegal Possession of Wildlife Products

By Joseph Muraya, Capital News

A live Tortoise, large quantities of dog meat and pieces of ivory  are among items recovered during a police raid at an apartment occupied by 3 Chinese nationals in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.  The three foreigners and a Kenyan were arrested during the raid on Tuesday, that also netted contraband goods that include cigarettes worth more than Sh2 million shillings and alcoholic drinks.

“We have recovered 2 ivory tusks, a rhino horn, wildlife trophies among other things,” a senior police officer told journalists during the raid at Aberdare Court on Kayahwe Road, off Dennis Pritt Road in Nairobi, where the Chinese are said to have been living for the past 10 years.

Author: DidiWamukoya

11 thoughts on “News Feature, 5th January 2019

  1. Next time arrest as you escort them out of Kenya. We don’t want such criminals in our land. We have problems of our own.

  2. I hate reading such stories. Our wildlife is being destroyed by foreigners as we just sit and watch. What happened to us? Hebu try this in a foreign country you see how you will be jailed!

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