Month: January 2019

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Introduction to Swaziland’s Wildlife Legislation

The wildlife legislation in Swaziland is fragmented and there are several pieces of legislation that address various aspects of wildlife conservation such as the institutional framework, protected areas and protection of a specific class or specific classes of species. Protection of wildlife and the environment is specially protected in the Constitution. The Constitution provides that in the interests of the present and future generations, the State shall protect and make rational use of its land, mineral and water resources as well as its fauna and flora, and shall take appropriate measures to conserve and improve the environment.

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Introduction to Mozambique’s Wildlife Legislation

The law on conservation in Mozambique is rooted in the Constitution which provides for general guiding principles for conservation as well as rights and duties of citizens in conserving their environment. The Constitution provides that all citizens have the right to live in a balanced environment and the obligation to protect it from degradation.

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Introduction to Kenya’s Wildlife Legislation

The main law governing wildlife conservation and management in Kenya is the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013 (WCMA). The preamble to the WCMA states that it was enacted to provide for the protection, conservation, sustainable use and management of wildlife in Kenya and for connected purposes. The provisions of the Act apply to all wildlife resources on public, community and private land and Kenya territorial waters.

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