News Feature, 20th September 2018

Cops Urged to Keep Eye on Released Wildlife Trafficker

By Apinya Wipatayotin, Bangkok Post

Police have been alerted after the release of Chumlong Lemthongthai, one of Asia’s most notorious wildlife traffickers from a prison in South Africa. Chumlong walked out of Kgosi Mamparu II, Pretoria Central Prison on Sept 12, according to the Oxpeckers’ website, which is an investigative environmental journalism unit based in Africa. Known as the “Rhino Kingpin”, he has been in prison for six years for trafficking illegal rhino horns to Asia. Pol Maj Gen Panya Pinsook, commander of the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Division, said there is no special order for surveillance of Chumlong, but his movements will be closely monitored due to his record of wildlife crime.



Author: DidiWamukoya

14 thoughts on “News Feature, 20th September 2018

  1. As a wildlife ranger, I am very disappointed. We use a lot of energy, time and sweat arresting these people. We risk our lives every day only for the person to come back and walk freely among us.

  2. This is how we are selling ourselves as Africans. You try committing such a crime in those Asian countries. You will get death penalty immediately!

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