China Seizes Mammoth Tusks, Walrus Tusks and Antelope Horns in Huge Ivory Haul

China seizes 156 mammoth tusks, 406 walrus tusks and over 1,000 antelope horns in huge ivory haul


Chinese customs authorities said they seized 156 prehistoric mammoth tusks from a truck entering from Russia in one of the country’s largest such hauls. The contraband was seized in late April at a border crossing in northeastern China’s Heilongjiang province bordering on Siberia, but the find was only announced this week by Chinese customs, state media said. The haul, which also included two elephant tusks and a range of other animal parts, was hidden under a shipment of soybeans. Eight suspects, including Russians and Chinese, have been arrested, the People’s Daily said.

Author: DidiWamukoya

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